Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweet Melissa cranBerry Muffins

I missed a Sweet Melissa recipe last month that called for orange blueberry muffins. I'm not a huge blueberry fan (I'm a freak) but I do enjoy them in pancakes or muffins- baked blueberry in batter tastes totally different. Although I would have liked to try the blueberry version, I had a bunch of cranberries hanging out in the freezer looking to party.

I'm not a great muffin baker. I'm not great at biscuits either and I'm making some for Tuesday. Stressful baking. I can make a mean cupcake so I'm not sure what trips me up about muffins. Then when I didn't have enough cream to make both these muffins and sweet cream biscuits- I used sour cream and water instead in this recipe. Should have been a disaster but luckily it worked. The pecan crumble on top was -of course- the best part.
I had one of these muffins for dinner on sunday which means I successfully had breakfast foods for all three meals that day. best day ever. Chaya has the recipe for you.


hannah @ thepastrykook said...

i love blueberries only when they are sour. im a freak too. hahaha

Tracey said...

Your muffins look great to me! I'm intrigued by the water/sour cream substitution - I never would have thought of that. Oh, and I agree - breakfast for dinner is yummy!

Tessa said...

Breakfast for dinner always passes at our house too. In fact, the hubby sometimes begs for pancakes :-)

Glad you were able to make the recipe work for you. I never would have thought of sour cream and water. Probably helped solve the "dry" problem some seemed to have with this recipe.

And, I agree, the crumble always is the best part :-)

Leslie said...

These look great! I love her crumble topping...I could make that by itself and be happy eating it!